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Sectoral Operational Programme „Increase of Economic Competitiveness”

„Investments for Your Future”


23 pieces of equipment acquired are worth over 100,000€ each:

  1. Ferroelectrics Tester TF 2000 E (Aix ACCT)
  2. Angle- and Spin-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Specs)
  3. Raman Microscope (Jobin Yvon)
  4. Near Field Optical Microscope (ABL Jasco)
  5. Cryoprober (LakeShore)
  6. Puls and Fourier-transform Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer (Bruker)
  7. Vector Network Analyzer (Agilent)
  8. High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (Jeol)
  9. FIB-SEM focused ion beam sample preparation system (Tescan)
  10. Mossbauer Spectrometer with magnetic field, ultralow temperature cryostat (Englemann Scientific)
  11. PPMS system for physical properties measurements (Quantum Design)
  12. SQUID superconducting quantum interference magnetometer (Quantum Design)
  13. Two He Liquefaction Machines (Cryomech)
  14. Design and Execution of Class ISO 1000 and 100 Cleanroom Assembly (EDAS EXIM)
  15. LEEM-PEEM Low energy and Photoelectron Electron Microscope (Specs)
  16. Scanning electron microscope and nanolithography system (Raith, Hitachi)
  17. SPM Scanning Microscopy Station (NT-MDT)
  18. Small dimension line measurement station (LakeShore)
  19. Photolithography System (EV Group)
  20. Microwave Spectrometer up to 7 THz (Aispec)
  21. Metallization system for deposition of noncontaminated metals (Bestec)
  22. Metallization system for deposition of contaminated metals (Bestec)
  23. XAS X-ray Absorption Spectrometer (Rigaku)