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Sectoral Operational Programme „Increase of Economic Competitiveness”

„Investments for Your Future”


General Data

This Centre, whose acronym is CEUREMAVSU (code SMIS-CSNR 2665), could be developed due to funding obtained through the Sectorial Operational Program - Increase of Economic Competitiveness (POS-CCE), Priority Axis 2: Research, Technological Development and Innovation for Competitiveness, Operation 2.2.1 Development of Existing R&D Infrastructure and Establishment of New R&D Infrastructures (laboratories, research centres). The center consists of two newly established and five modernized laboratories. As part of the project, 23 pieces of equipment worth over 100000 euro each were acquired and 24 new positions were created for highly qualified specialists (physicists, chemists, engineers).


The total value of this project was 43 004 595 lei, of which the sum contributed by NIMP represented 20 367 lei. The European Union contributed 32 968 903 lei, and the Romanian Government 10 015 325 lei.